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pixel video dance floor

Buy a fully controlled dmx pixelated RGB colour changing dance floor from UK Events Ltd.

Basic features and benefits include:

(effect depends on the size of floor): The larger the dance floor the better the effect. We Recommend a 20ft x 20ft as the smallest floor to benefit from all of the feature this dance floor has to offer.

• Extra Safe Low Voltage 20’x20’ floor: 8.5A at 58v peak/24’x24’ floor: 16A at 58v peak.

• Power supply: drawing 110v(8A max) - 230v(4A max).

• Full individual control of each Pixel including dimming and colour changing.

• DMX compatible – integrate into any existing system via DMX basic controller.

• Incorporates Self addressing ColourSmart® Technology

• Limitless self-programmed image and patterns can be utilised

• Messages and animations can be produced • Company logos and names can be projected • Screen capture (Madrix)

• Quick and easy assembly using the tool free brickwork pattern like all of our floors.

• The cables are specifically designed to offer ease of installation hidden under the dance floor.

• At a height of only 28mm off the floor with the use of sloped edging; no trip or H&S hazard!

• The floor can be used as a standard floor as well, does not have to be illuminated and is compatible with the starlit range of flooring.

• Illumilok® can be incorporated with other UK Events dance floors such as Publok®, Wedlok®, Nightlok® and Starlok® (do not use in conjunction with floors from other manufacturers as this may void the warranty)

• 32768 colour variations.

• Each controller can operate up to 16 universes, each universe controls up to 2048 pixels

• UK Manufactured • Full United Kingdom back up and support.

rgb pixel colour changing dance floor sales

Illumilok Pixel RGB Dance Floor Price List + VAT
12ft x 12ft Illumilok Pixel RGB 3.65m x 3.65m Please ask
16ft x 16ft Illumilok Pixel RGB 4.87m x 4.87m Please ask
20ft x 20ft Illumilok Pixel RGB 6.10m x 6.10m Please ask
24ft x 24ft Illumilok Pixel RGB 7.32m x 7.32m Please ask
28ft x 28ft Illumilok Pixel RGB 8.54m x 8.54m Please ask

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David Biggers "Our products are in our eyes, the best on the market. The RGB Pixel dance floor is new to the industry and is not available anywhere else the world.”

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